Monday, July 28, 2014

DIY Reversible Roadways & Train Tracks

We had a bunch of cars, trucks and trains but nowhere for them to drive! Even though Little C and I do like to drive them along the rectangles on the carpet sometimes, I figured she could use some real roadways. I saw this DIY Roadway from The Imagination Tree and thought it was a great idea but missing one thing. I knew if I didn't find some way to attach the road pieces, it would be a disaster. Little C is not quite capable of being so gentle as to drive the car over the road without the pieces moving apart. Add that to the desire for train tracks as well and the idea for my DIY reversible roadways and train tracks was born.

I used the flaps from various cardboard boxes as the straightaways and then cut some corners from larger pieces. Little C and I painted half the pieces black and half the pieces brown. Then I cut tiny rectangles of white paper and she helped me glue the strips onto the black pieces. While she was busy elsewhere I cut the train tracks out of brown construction paper and glued those to the brown pieces.

Next I glued one track and one roadway piece (making sure I had pieces of the same size!) back to back but off center so I'd have a little flap hanging out at either end. I stuck adhesive-backed Velcro onto the flaps at either end of the piece. All the train track pieces had soft Velcro pieces on the end and the roadways had the rough pieces to make sure the tracks would attach properly!

Now our cars and trains have somewhere to drive!


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