Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Literacy - Grocery Lists

From early on, when we took Little C grocery shopping we always had a list and we'd let her hold it to help us make sure we bought everything on our list. So I shouldn't have been too surprised the day Little C saw me writing a list for daddy and told me she wanted to write a list for him as well.

There you have it, Little C's first grocery list. I asked her what daddy needed to get at the store and she said apples. So I told her to write it on the list and she made a squiggle on the paper. We continued back and forth like this until we completed our list of 3 green apples, 3 grapes, milk, sticks (veggie straws) and hummus. I was so proud of her writing with a purpose!

Even if your child doesn't ask to write a grocery list, there are other ways to promote literacy in a fun every day kind of way. "Reading" grocery circulars can be loads of fun for little ones! I simply asked Little C to look through the circular and circle what she thought we should get at the store. So easy but it promotes beginning reading and writing skills!

 Not sure why the scary face while she circled what we needed...

I probably shouldn't be too surprised she circled fries, cake and brownie mix...I'd pick those same things!

Another grocery circular activity you can do is to send your child on a grocery scavenger hunt. Make a list of items you'd like your child to find and read the list one item at a time, stopping to find the item in the circular before moving on the next one. I'd recommend working front to back with your list so your child doesn't get frustrated flipping back and forth through the pages trying to find the item!

Age: 2.3 years


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