Sunday, July 27, 2014

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Extension - Choo Choo Express

Here's another fun Mickey Mouse Clubhouse extension activity! We played this for at least a good hour after watching the episode "Choo Choo Express." I'll give you a short synopsis if you haven't seen it - although it's not really necessary to watch before setting up this small world play. Anyway, Professor Von Drake creates this special non-melting snow but it's at the top of Mistletoe Mountain so the gang has to get on the clubhouse train to drive up the mountain, collect the snow and bring it back to the clubhouse. Afterwards, they decide all of their friends need to come play in the snow so they hop back on the train to pick up Clarabelle, Chip & Dale, Santa & Mrs. Claus and Pete. Then they all have a party in the snow.

First, we pulled out our Duplo train and Mickey pieces (Daisy is the purple block with pink flower, Clarabelle the yellow block with yellow flower and Pete the blue & black blocks). Next we laid out our Mickey Mouse play mat that came with the Mickey Mouse Busy Book. To make yourself one, grab a piece of white posterboard and get doodling! Here's a picture of our mat:

I tried to build compartments on the train cars so we could collect the snow and bring it back to the clubhouse but Little C yelled at me and took the blocks off the trains. So we made it snow by dumping a bag of cotton balls all over the play mat! Be forewarned, the cotton balls did leave lint all over our carpet but it wasn't anything a super quick vacuum couldn't fix.

Since we had our snow, now it was time to pick up our friends at their train stations! We built platforms for each train stop. Left to right is Santa & Mrs. Claus (Little C put the sign for the platform on top of them...), Clarabelle, Chip & Dale and Pete.

Then we placed our homemade train tracks around the perimeter and went to pick up our passengers!

When everyone had been picked up it was time to play in the snow. We made snowmen, threw snowballs, made snow angels, a ski/sledding slope and an ice rink. Of course I had to make Donald ski jump and land headfirst in the snow. "Why does this always happen to me?" Little C started repeating the phrase and giggling adorably. Anytime I left for a minute she would shout "Mommy come play in the snow!" I think it was a successful play time :-)

Vocabulary: Train, tracks, train stops, platform, sign, passengers, engine, caboose, cars, whistle, chug, snow, snowman, snow angels, ski, sled, snowball, ice skate, rink, slope, hill, jump, cold, slippery

Age: 2.4 years


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