Monday, July 7, 2014

Outdoor Fun - Magic Ice Chalk

Doesn't magic ice chalk just sound like so much fun? I honestly forgot all about it and so we haven't used it this spring/summer. But I'm sure Little C will enjoy it even more than last year since she's starting to draw with a purpose rather than just make a few marks and walk away.

So what is magic ice chalk? It's a mix of baking soda, cornstarch and colored water that's frozen. We used regular ice cube trays but you could use any sort of ice cube or silicone tray. The basic proportions are 30% baking soda, 40% cornstarch and 30% water. Spoon the mixture into your trays then add a few drops of food coloring or liquid watercolors into each section. Stir it up as best as you can with a toothpick and toss it in the freezer overnight. (Note: the baking soda is not a necessary ingredient if you just want to make regular chalk, but it is vital for magic chalk!)

In the morning take the kids outside and let them draw with the chalk. Now for the magic you need to add vinegar to the mix! As you can see in the picture, I gave Little C  a squeeze bottle filled with white vinegar but depending on the age/ability of your child you could also use spray bottles or eye droppers to spray/squirt some vinegar onto the chalk causing it to erupt in foam and bubbles! You could also bring some paintbrushes outside to paint in the foam.

Little hands can get kind of messy playing with magic ice chalk so I brought a bucket of soapy water outside for rinsing hands...which then became a fun activity all in itself :-)

Age: 17 months

**I originally found the idea for magic ice chalk here at Growing a Jeweled Rose.


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