Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Pretend Play - Brewer's Apprentice

Can you believe it's already day 30?! I made it! Tomorrow we'll catch up on my July challenge and introduce next month's challenges!

On to the topic at hand! Today I have one of Little C's cutest and most out of the ordinary pretend play scenarios, the brewer's apprentice. Daddy regular brews his own beer on the patio and Little C has become interested in what he's doing. So I set up her own brewing station!

Our supplies included:
  • Large stainless steel pot
  • Stainless steel bowl turned upside down to act as the "burner"
  • Plastic crate on which to place our burner and pot
  • Plastic spoon
  • Small plastic spoons/cups
  • Bucket of water
  • Bag of dried beans for "grains" (I'm working on figuring out a good reusable material to use as the grains)
  • Leaves for "hops"
  • Fruit-shaped plastic ice cubes

Eventually I will make a little instruction sheet for Little C so she can work on following the steps that Daddy does (and a proper vocabulary list!), but for now she just plays and pours and mixes and "tastes." We pretend to turn on the burner by turning an imaginary knob and going "shhhhoooo." Then she steeps the grains (beans) in the water and gets it hot, stirring when necessary.

Little C prefers to dry hop her beer, so she adds in fresh leaves.

This will be a fruit infused beer so in go a variety of fruits!

Let's pull some off the top for tasting!

Of course at the end we have to strain the solids out - no one wants chunky beer! "Look, I made beer like daddy!"

Age: 5.25 months


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