Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Pretend Play for the Littlest Role Players

Pretend play is an immensely important part of a child's life. Through it, children can learn so many different skills and since it is play, they're more willing to do it! Even as early as 15 months Little C was engaging in very basic pretend play.

Little C said the baby needed to go to sleep so we asked her to get a pillow for the baby (I had meant a small doll one but she did bring a pillow!) I honestly don't remember how she communicated baby's need for sleep because Little C talks so much now I've somehow forgotten what it was like when she only said a handful of words - I think she began by covering the baby with the blanket and it evolved from there. Anyway, she and baby lay down on the pillow to go to sleep.
Daddy covered them both with a blanket and they slept for a few seconds before waking up. This scenario repeated several times before Little C moved on to something new. Simple scenarios like this can help tots learn or reinforce words like pillow, sleep, tired, blanket, close eyes, wake up, cozy, soft and snuggle. And I'd say it helps them practice the steps for going to sleep but Little C still doesn't transition well to sleep unless she's super exhausted. She is very good at pretending to sleep though!
Throughout the month I'll try to bring you more simple to set up pretend play ideas, including Little C's absolute favorite, the pet salon!


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