Friday, July 4, 2014

Pretend Play - Pet Salon

Little C fell in love with the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse episode "Minnie's Pet Salon" where everyone helps the pets get ready for Pluto's big pet show. There was a pet washer, groomer, walker, trainer and kitten sitter. Since Little C loved it so much, we set about to make our own pet salon. We talked about the different pets the Clubhouse gang had and managed to gather most of the animals from our vast stuffed animal collection.

Clockwise starting with the black cat to Little C's left, we collected Minnie's kitty, Figaro; Daisy's pets, Bubbles the elephant, Longfellow the giraffe and Captain Jumps-a-Lot the bunny; Clarabelle's puppy, Bella; Charlotte's doggy, Santa and Goofy's cat, Mr. Pettibone. Goofy's frog, Fiona and Donald's chicken, Boo Boo Chicken, joined us later.
Here are the areas we created and the additional materials we gathered.

Pet Wash (you can see pieces of it behind Little C):
  • A metal bowl from the kitchen to use as the tub
  • An empty baby wash bottle for the soap
  • A bunch of washcloths to use for washing and/or drying the pets. 
  • Vocab: bathtub, soap, scrub, wash, rinse, wet, dry, towel, soft, wrap
Pet Groomer:
  • A few doll brushes
  • That wonderful set of crochet headbands and flowers that Little C would never let me put in her hair (at least we found a use for them!); various ribbons would work as well
  • Vocab: groomer, groom, comb and brush (the verbs and nouns!), headbands, flowers, bows, decorate, pretty
Pet Clinic:
  • A toy doctor set
  • Tweezers, ace bandage, magnifying glass
  • Vocab: doctor, clinic, checkup, otoscope, eyes, ears, mouth, stethoscope, heart, beat, medicine (needle and shot are words that make me uncomfortable so we stick with medicine for now!), blood pressure, cuff, arm, pump, arrow, tweezers, paw, splinter, magnifying glass, ouch, boo boo, bandage, wrap, all better!

Pet Cafeteria:
  • Chip & dip divided tray
  • Peanuts for the elephant cut out of brown foam sheets (you can get foam sheets at any craft store like Michael's or ACMoore. The Dollar Tree also has sets of sheets but you're limited in color choices and the sheets tend to be much thinner).
  • Leaves for the giraffe cut out of green foam
  • Carrots for the bunny (could cut out of foam as well)
  • Bones for the puppies cut out of white foam
  • Fish for the kitties cut out of colored foam (the fish have paper clips on them because they're also used in our fishing pond, another fun activity I'll share soon!)
  • We also had some bugs for Fiona and corn for Boo Boo Chicken but we ran out of space around the tray! (we have toy bugs and corn, but if you don't you could always print out clipart bugs on thicker paper and cut corn out of the craft foam)
  • Vocab: names and colors of the different foods; talk about who eats which kind of food and where the foods comes from
Pet Training Area:
  • Out of Megabloks, we built some structures for the pets to crawl under and hop over
  • I cut the bottom off an empty oatmeal canister to make a tunnel for the pets to crawl through
  • I think we may have even added a small string to use as a jump rope
  • I didn't make a hula hoop but you could use various odds and ends to make one. One idea is twisting pipe cleaners together or slicing a ring off of a large oatmeal canister
  • Vocab: trainer, jump, crawl, sit, stay, obey, hoop, tunnel, jump rope
After all that care, Little C wrapped Bella, rocked and sang her to sleep. Doesn't she take such good care of her pets?


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