Thursday, July 24, 2014

Sensory Play - Messy Outdoor Baking

Warning, I did say it was messy! But lots of fun, and it was outdoors so the mess wasn't as bad as it could have been. Every once in a while I think every child needs the opportunity to just mix and pour and concoct and make a mess! And this mess is really just having a bunch of dishes to wash afterwards.


Here's the setup:
In your sensory bin place...
  • Muffin tins with muffin liners (I had 2 tins, one with silicone liners and one with paper; next time I'd probably stick with one tin and just paper liners so I don't have to wash them)
  • Empty mixing bowl
  • Tub of flour
  • Tub of cornstarch
  • Ladle, whisk, measuring cups and spoons
  • Water dispenser filled with water (any sort of large thermos or drink dispenser would work)
  • Liquid measuring cup
  • Sprinkles (don't expect there to be any sprinkles left at the end of this! Food coloring is also another option for added pizzazz but you may end up with some temporarily stained skin and empty food color bottles)
Little C scooped, poured and mixed

Then oh so carefully ladled into the cupcake tins!

 There go all the sprinkles!

But don't her cupcakes look lovely!

One major warning about this activity - if you want a relatively quick cleanup, plan to wash everything right away or at least fill a large tub with soapy water and let everything soak. When the flour, cornstarch and water mixture dries completely it takes a LOT of scrubbing to wash off. I'm not sure if using just flour or just cornstarch would make clean up easier. If you've tried it let me know!

Age: 2.25 years


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