Monday, August 11, 2014

Art - Bowl Turtle

If you have some extra paper or foam disposable bowls, you can quickly put together this turtle! (Tip: paint won't stick to plastic bowls, but if that's all you have permanent markers could be used for decorating the shell.) I cut out a simple turtle body from green construction paper which Little C and I glued to the top of the bowl. Then we flipped the whole thing over and started painting our turtle shells!

This activity is half craft and half free art. Older children can work on fine motor skills by cutting the turtle body out themselves and gluing without any assistance. And then their creative side can come out when they choose colors, blend, make shapes and patterns while painting the turtle's shell! I did choose turtle-like colors of paint this time (green, yellow, white and brown) but mainly because when left to choose on her own Little C sticks with the same colors and I wanted to bring out some less used ones.

When the painting is done, draw or stick on some eyes and your turtle is complete! All that's left is to find the perfect place to display it.

Mine is the one on the left; Little C didn't quite grasp the idea that she could paint on the vertical sides of the bowl as well :-) Next time!

Age: 2.3 years


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