Friday, August 1, 2014

Backyard Campout Bust and Kids' Yoga

Since my new challenge this month is to spend more time outside, I came up with a brilliant plan for the first day of August - a backyard campout! The idea was inspired by a friend who'd invited us to his town's family campout tonight but since we have plans early tomorrow we couldn't make it. So I figured we could pitch a tent in the yard, use it as a clubhouse while we played, have a picnic dinner in there, read books and maybe even build a pretend fire and have s'mores!

Sounds great, doesn't it?

I thought so.

Mother Nature on the other hand...

Let's just say we managed to get the tent up and escaped into the house 15 minutes before the distant thunder and clouds turned into a full downpour!
So the backyard campout idea is to be continued until Sunday, when we will hopefully be able to do all those fun things I had planned!

On a somewhat unrelated note, I discovered these ridiculously adorable kids' yoga videos on YouTube from Cosmic Kids Yoga. Little C and I did Episode 1 yesterday and I can't even begin to
explain how cute it all was. The story Jaime tells keeps you moving and interested and though Little C is still a little young, she did an awesome job trying to get her body into the different poses! If you've got a 2-5 year old at home I think this is a must try. Keep in mind younger ones won't be able to do all the poses but at this stage anything they do is beneficial!


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