Sunday, August 3, 2014

Day Trip - State & County Fairs

Day trips are fantastic when you have little ones. They don't involve as much packing and planning and if someone has a spontaneous meltdown (child or adult...I'm not here to judge!) you can head home early.

Yesterday we visited the NJ State Fair up in Sussex County - it's still going until the 10th I believe so if you want to go you've still got time! I think Little C would have been happy if there was nothing more than some farm animals, but luckily the fair had a little more to offer.

 Bunnies and chickens and giraffes, oh my!

 And you can't forget about the racing pigs!

Little C and Daddy can't wait for the pig race to begin!

There were also cows, sheep, goats, horses, other farm birds, ostriches, a zebra and several other animals to see between the ongoing competitions and the petting zoo. It's an inexpensive way to introduce your child to various different animals without having to travel to a large zoo. Plus, it has all the food and rides you expect at a fair. Unfortunately, the only ride Little C tried was the carousel and it was a big bust because the horses were very jerky going up and down so she immediately screamed that she wanted off; I couldn't really blame her. The other slight disappointment was the free circus they had this year; it was just so hot in the tent we only made it half an hour before we left.

The State Fair also had a Family Fun Farm area geared toward little children and Little C had a good time visiting there!

Little C and Daddy picked some apples and eggs from the farm...and that was about it. Little C just kept wanting to pick them and put them back, pick them and put them back...

...until she decided the hen needed a cuddle! If you're interested in going, I will tell you that the Family Fun Farm also had a pretend cow to milk, a grocery store area, small ride-on tractors, some small cars and story time with Oliver the Goose.

And just an fyi for the adults, there is a craft beer tent and a wine tent, in case you need a little break :-)

It was a fun and tiring day and we're glad we went! Everyone should visit at least one state or county fair before the summer's over!


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