Saturday, August 30, 2014

DIY Toy Hot Dogs

I had a realization the other day while trying to figure out how to make a toy hot dog that looked most like a hot dog - the toy doesn't have to look just like a hot dog! I think all the really awesome realistic felt food I've seen online made me forget that it doesn't have to look super realistic. Older preschoolers are better at making props out of anything - or nothing - but usually toddlers need something that at least vaguely resembles the real thing. Although I have noticed that when Little C decides she needs something for her play, she will use something random or nothing at all.

Anyhow, I digress. The hot dog I ended up creating is super easy and involves no sewing and very little artistic-craft skills! I give you, the paper tube hot dog!

Briefly, the bun is made of 2 toilet paper tubes (or 1 paper towel tube) cut lengthwise, stacked and glued; you'll have 4 pieces glued together to give it a little more strength. The hot dog is made from the thicker but narrower tube found in foil or waxed paper.  I cut it into 3 pieces with a serrated knife.

We put the hot dog tubes on Tinker Toy stands so they'd be easier to paint.

We painted the buns a lighter color on the inside and a darker color on the outside so they'd resemble real buns.

Little C utilized her tong skills to transfer the hot dog from the pan where she cooked it to the bun on the plate!

Don't forget the ketchup and mustard! Squirt!

Consider adding hot dogs to your snack stand!

Age: 2.5 years


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