Thursday, August 7, 2014

Little Einsteins Extension - Farmer Annie

Just like our Mickey Mouse Clubhouse play extensions, here's one for the Little Einsteins episode, "Farmer Annie." In this episode, the Little Einsteins help the 3 Little Pigs grow mystery seeds by planting them and giving them sun, water and love. While we watched, I created a small world sensory play for my own little farmer.

First, she planted corn kernel* "seeds" into flattened balls of brown play dough. I placed the play dough on yogurt lids.

Little C made sure to tuck the seeds into the "dirt" so they wouldn't blow away or get eaten by birds!

She watered her seeds using a tiny Lego watering can we have and, like magic, little pipe cleaner sprouts began to grow!

The sun shone brightly on our mystery seeds and the 3 little pigs came to see how the plants were growing!

We gave the seeds love by singing our special growing song - "La la la la la la la la la la we love our little garden!" (sung to Bach's Brandenburg Concerto No. 5, Movement 1). Before we knew it, flowers had bloomed!

 And then...the animals ate the rest of the seeds. Hey, they were hungry!

Supplies used for this play:
  • Yogurt lids
  • Corn kernels*
  • Brown play dough
  • Small toy watering can
  • Small toy shovel
  • Felt sun
  • Green pipe cleaner "sprouts"
  • Fake flowers
  • Small plastic starter pots
  • Toy farm & animals
Remember to be creative and think about items you have on hand! You don't always need the exact same supplies I have to create a meaningful play scenario!

Age: 2.4 years

*Always supervise young children when playing with small objects.


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