Saturday, August 23, 2014

Pretend Play - Snack Stand

The idea for a snack stand stemmed from our recent trip to the state fair, where food stands are not hard to find! I kept it small and simple for now, with just drinks and popcorn on the menu.

Let me start with a step by step for the drink dispenser.

1. I started with a double size cereal box (it measures about 11.25"Hx9.25"WX6.5"D). I cut along the bottom and 6.75" up each side. You'll need to cut up a little longer than the box is deep so you can fold the flap up and in - here's a closer look:

You don't have to glue the flap to the back of the box, it'll stay wedged on its own.

2. Cut an extra cardboard rectangle to make a flat bottom for the box (it's kind of hard to see, sorry!). *Note: You can skip this step and the next if you turn the box on its side. I preferred the proportions of keeping it upright but it will still work the other way with a little less effort!

3. Slice off the overlapping part of the flaps on the bottom of the box so it can sit on a flat surface without wobbling. Glue the bottom flaps to the cardboard insert you made in step 2.

4. Cover the entire box with contact paper (or construction paper or paint!).

5. Glue on buttons for dispensing the drinks (the blue and purple ones) and spouts for the drinks to pour from (the yellow caps on the underside - I used caps from baby squeeze fruit pouches). Add some cups (toy or disposable) and you're ready to go!

Eventually I'll add labels to go above the buttons so Little C can decide which drinks are available on any given day! For now she simply pours blue and purple drinks but here is a list of drink ideas:
  • water
  • milk
  • tea (hot or iced)
  • coffee (hot or iced)
  • hot chocolate
  • lemonade
  • juice
  • milkshake/smoothie (banana, strawberry, blueberry, peach...)

Onto the next part of the snack stand. The popcorn maker was a much easier task.

I started with a large toy jar - any larger sized plastic jar will do. You just want something clear so they can see the popcorn inside! I removed the label from the jar and stuck on letter stickers to write out "popcorn". I filled the inside with packing peanuts and added the rest of my supplies:
  • 1/2 cup measure for scooping the popcorn
  • Foam cups for scooping into
  • Empty plastic spice/herb jars for popcorn seasonings - I filled one little jar with small white beads for salt and left the others empty
All finished! And as Daddy and Little C have decided, once we have our drinks and our popcorn, we need to sit and watch a movie :-)

Play themes one of both of these props can be used with:
  • Carnival/fair
  • Movie theater
  • Beach
  • Restaurant
Age: 2.5 years


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