Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Science - Edible Garden

To go along with yesterday's post about incorporating living things into your home, today I've got another fairly easy idea for you! Don't let the term "edible garden" sound intimidating, it can be as complicated or simple as you want. This spring, we took Little C to the farm market and let her pick out a couple plants. We brought home several grape tomato plants just for her. She helped us plant a few in large pots so they'd be easier for her to reach. Afterwards, while I watered our larger garden, Little C would go around with her little watering can and water the pots. And now, we've got delicious tomatoes!

Besides learning about the needs of plants and being able to watch the plants grow, the flowers bloom and the little tomatoes start growing, we've discovered that Little C seems willing to eat (or at least try) anything that she can pick off a plant. Most of her grape tomatoes never make it into the house, she just eats them next to the plant. She's also eaten raspberries, strawberries and even a bell pepper right off the plant. Next year we're going to plant as much as we can fit in the yard and see how much she'll eat! If your child is picky about what he eats, involving him in an edible garden may broaden his tastes. I think there's just something inherently appealing about being able to pull something off a plant and eat it.

Of course she's also practicing those sharing and math skills - she collects 3 tomatoes so there is one for me, one for her and one for Daddy!

Who knew a little ole tomato plant could be so educational?

Age: 2.5 years


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