Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Science - Pets

Living things are a great teaching tool in any classroom or home. In my school district, we were required to have 3 living things in the classroom. A pet or 2 plants counted as one living thing. They are great for studying science and also for learning responsibility and gentleness.

Meet Donald the Betta Fish. He lives in our kitchen high enough that Little C can't reach him or his bowl without climbing on a chair. As you can see, having a fish doesn't mean you have to have a dinky plastic fishbowl in your house. My husband told me I couldn't get a fish unless the bowl looked nice. So I bought a giant hurricane glass vase from the craft store and filled it with glass pebbles, a fake plant and a pirate. We also ended up getting a small heater because the water was getting a little too chilly for our previous fish while we were at work in the winter.

Little C loves Donald. She helps us feed him breakfast and dinner, which works her fine motor skills (scooping and pouring his food with a small spoon) and reinforces math skills (a few pieces of food versus many). Sometimes she also helps me clean his bowl and add fresh water (when she's being calm...). She likes to talk to him and show him things. Sometimes she asks questions like, "Can Donald have some of my smoothie?" or makes observations "Donald can't talk" and "Donald drinks his water." There's my little girl thinking like a scientist! We also have reminders on gentleness and being kind when she tries to bang on his bowl or make loud noises to scare him.

Any pet is great, but if you're looking for low maintenance and low cost, fish are a great place to start!


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