Thursday, September 25, 2014

Fishing Pond

I can't believe I haven't posted our fishing pond yet! We love it and Little C's been playing with it since last winter when the fish made their home in a plastic under-bed storage bin filled with packing peanuts - ice fishing! The fishing pond also led to a packing peanut explosion at Little C's 2nd birthday party which taught us that packing peanuts + several toddlers/preschoolers = giant static-y mess!

Since the weather is not freezing now, the fish swim happily in their plastic blue tablecloth pond. The fish are simply cut from different colored foam paper - reinforcing color recognition and sorting. There also are large and small fish to help identify sizes. I slid a paper clip onto the mouth area of each fish so we could use our magnet fishing poles and catch some fish.

My dad actually made these fishing poles for us, replacing my paint stirrer and string poles! He happened to have random bits of pvc pipe laying around but if you don't, I recommend using the thicker cardboard tubes that come in foil and plastic wrap packages. Just make a small hole at one end, lace your string through the hole and knot the end so it doesn't fall out. We like using the small horseshoe magnets we got in this magnet set but you could try and hot glue a round magnet to the end of the string as well.

Since we first introduced this fishing game in the winter, we needed a penguin to feed! All I did was wrap black construction paper around an empty frosting container and glue a little belly/face shape out of white paper on top. Then I drew on some eyes and a beak and cut a slit in the lid big enough for the small fish to fit. Little C had to sort the fish as she caught them, feeding the small to Mr. Penguin and putting the large ones in our basket.

I caught one! So much fun and learning through one simple homemade fishing pond - and it only cost me $1 in extra materials for the tablecloth!

Age: 2.5 years


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