Monday, September 1, 2014

September Challenge

Can you believe it's September 1st?? This summer has flown by! Although I'm not complaining, I'm so ready for fall weather and fall foods. August's challenges went well and I'm feeling great about the changes I'm making. Yoga has continued to be a part of my everyday life, I've added 17 posts to my blog (plus some behind the scenes work!) and I'm still working on decluttering. As for the Outside Play Challenge, I'm proud to say we went outside 21 of 31 days! Hopefully with next month's cooler weather we can do even better. Little C is also starting an 8-week session of gymnastics starting tomorrow so we'll be out of the house and moving.

Here are some highlights from our month outside!

Picking, eating and sharing tomatoes from our edible garden.

There's nothing like eating outside!

 Pig races and farm fun at the state fair.

Reading in our tent (too bad it was too hot to play in there for very long).

We love brew days with Daddy! Little C never forgets to remind me to bring her pot and spoons outside!

The sandbox is always available and fun.

Splashing pool fun with Little C's aunt and uncle.

Little C's first trip to NYC on the train.

Don't forget playground fun with Bunia and Dido!

And...strike a pose!
What did you do outside?

Let's end this with adding 2 new challenges for September in addition to all the ones we've been working on!

Revised 30 Day Plank Challenge - We'd tried the version floating all over the internet earlier this year and found jumping up 30 seconds every couple days to get to 5 minutes by the end of the month was a little too much to handle. So I've adapted the challenge to end with a 3 minute plank at the end of the month. It should be much more doable! If you'd like to join us, here is my alternate version:

Stop Procrastinating Challenge - There are several appointments I've been putting off like an oil change and various doctor appointments...this month I intend to at least schedule them all if not completely check them off my to do list!

I hope you join me in creating your own challenges. The only way to grow and change is slowly and if you introduce a small new habit every month it will eventually become part of your routine life!


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