Thursday, October 2, 2014

October Challenge

I'll be frank with you, I bombed on my September challenges a little bit. I did my yoga but I didn't blog as much, we played outside less than last month, I couldn't finish the plank challenge and I'm still procrastinating. Little C was sick and her sleep schedule's been awful so by the time I got her to bed at night I was too tired to do much of anything.

However, on the positive side, I launched a new wonderful blog template and Little C and I went out of the house more regularly. This included gymnastics and storytime at the library once a week in addition to play dates and park visits. I couldn't finish the plank challenge because I couldn't maintain proper form after 1m45s; but I did finish out the month doing at least a minute long plank a day. Also, I scheduled a dentist appointment for next month. On top of all that, I potty-trained Little C (hooray!!) and we've visited many public restrooms lately...that I could have waited longer for. And finally, I was prepping for a weekly music play group which will be starting tomorrow! I'm very excited to have some other playmates join us for music time. Stay tuned for more information about songs and activities!


Playground fun with friends and Papa Bear!

Jumping on the big trampoline at gymnastics.

Working together!

Puddle splashing! (rain boots for Mama and Little C are on their way!)

Who doesn't have a bubble party when they go poo poo in the potty??

So let's finish with October's challenges.

  1. Increase the Yoga Intensity! I've been doing great with short yoga workouts most days, now I'm going to add in some longer workouts (and long walks on nice days!) to try and build up my stamina and metabolism.
  2. Stop Procrastinating Challenge: It's not really new, but since I didn't quite complete it last month, I'll give it another go!
  3. Eat In Challenge: The gist of this challenge is, try to eat out as little as possible to save some extra pennies and eat a little healthier. Ideally I'd like to say not at all, but when you've got a sitter and a free afternoon you're not going to sit in the kitchen eating dinner! Plus sometimes there are special events (birthdays, last month we went to a food and wine walk, weekend getaways...) that make eating in unrealistic. The purpose of this challenge is to focus on the other times - to avoid ordering pizza or Chinese because you're tired and don't have anything to eat in the house. Or to not just get together with friends over lunch at a restaurant - go do something or have a potluck at someone's house! I've almost finished my October dinner meal plan which will help us in this challenge. When it's finalized I will share it!
Fingers crossed for a good month!


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