Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Tour of our DIY Play Kitchen

There it is, Little C's diaper box kitchen! Left to right we have the sink, a cabinet and the oven. The cabinet and oven were made pretty much the same way as the sink (see sink tutorial), only the cabinet has a shelf inside (shown below) and the oven has 4 squeeze fruit caps screwed onto the front for stove knobs. I had originally glued foam paper circles to the top of the oven to make burners but Little C quickly pulled them off. So now there are simply 4 outlined circles. The dish drying rack on the cabinet is actually a real one meant for camping, but it was a great price and the perfect size!

Here is the inside of the cabinet. For the shelf, first you need to make supports on either side. Cut 4 rectangles to fit the depth of your box and your preferred shelf height. Tape 2 rectangles together and then tape them against the side of your box. Repeat with the remaining 2 rectangles for the other side. Then cut 2 rectangles to fit the width and depth of your box. Tape those together and slide them onto the supports. As long as your shelf fits snugly you shouldn't need to do anything to hold it in place.  As you can see, this cabinet houses all the dishes and utensils.

And here is the inside of the oven. The oven door has additional cardboard supports taped on because Little C quickly uncovered a design flaw in my oven. Because of the handle, the door can't lay flat on the floor even if you hinge it all the way at the bottom of the box. Therefore, when Little C puts things into her oven and takes things out, she ends up leaning/standing on the door and bending it. The handle does look nice, but for practical purposes I'd skip the handle and either make a cutout handle or a cardboard handle which can fold flat against the floor if I were to do it again.

The oven rack is a wire cooling rack I picked up at the dollar store; they came in a 2-pack so I have another left over to maybe make a grill one of these days :-) The wire rack happened to fit into the box just perfectly and so it rests on the inner flaps of the box. If your box is bigger you can always make a shelf for the rack to sit on. Inside the oven we also have a mini muffin pan and a square cake pan for all our baking needs!

Little C also has a fridge which was surprisingly not made from cardboard boxes. It's actually the wooden fridge I had when I was her age! I had spray painted it and used it as a dollhouse when I was a little older and it had sat in my parents' attic for years. Finally that old fridge could be dusted off and used again. Here's a brief look at the fridge's contents:
  • On top of fridge: rainbow bottles (not really related to the kitchen, they just ended up there); pizza playset
  • Top shelf: Country Crock tub filled with dry ziti; gelato container filled with chocolate play dough; Melissa & Doug Bake and Decorate Cupcake Set
  • Middle shelf: half an egg carton filled with plastic Easter eggs; various empty bottles and containers such as chocolate syrup, coffee creamer and bbq sauce
  • Bottom shelf: foam board shelf to divide the space; sandwich making materials; hot dogs; plastic fruits and vegetables
And there you have it! I'll have more details on some of the food and storage bins I made for her kitchen soon.


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