Sunday, November 9, 2014

November Music Lesson

Thanksgiving Day (artwork - American Indian wampum belts)

  1. Waking up - option 1: Shakin' It by Parachute Express; option 2: Rock 'Round the Mulberry Bush by Greg & Steve; now that we're awake let's go to the kitchen and see what's cooking! movement
  2. Apple Tree by Unknown (lyrics below) - oh I see apples being sliced and put in a pie crust! I love apple pie! Where do apples grow? On a tree? Let's sing about the apple tree, I'll sing first and then you repeat after me. echo song
  3. A Pumpkin for the Pie by John Feierabend & Jill Trinka - There's another pie coming out of the oven. What kind of pie is this one? Pumpkin! Oh and the turkey's going into the oven, I'm getting so hungry! Let the children use a drum/shaker/etc one at a time to make the rhythm for the song. instrument rhythms
  4. I'm a Little Turkey by Unknown (lyrics below) - Dinner's not ready yet! Let's dance like turkeys while we wait. movement
  5. Giving Thanks by Chief Jake Swamp - American Indians celebrated the first Thanksgiving here in America with visitors from England, which is across the ocean! The visitors, the Pilgrims, learned from the Indians by watching how they grew and gathered food, built houses and made clothes and belts, like these Wampum belts. Let's listen to American Indian Pow Wow music while we read this story.
  6. Alternate story Thanks for Thanksgiving by Julie Markes
Apple Tree
(sung to "Charlie Over the Ocean" - leader sings the phrase first, then everyone else repeats)
Oh way up high, oh way up high (point up high),
In an apple tree, in an apple tree (round arms overhead)
2 little apples, 2 little apples (hold up 2 fingers)
Looked down at me, looked down at me (circle fingers around eyes and look through)
I shook that tree, I shook that tree (pretend to shake tree)
As hard as I could, as hard as I could (keep shaking)
Down came the apples, down came the apples (raise hands then wiggle fingers and lower)
Yum they were good! Yum they were good! (rub belly)

I'm a Little Turkey
I'm a little turkey, fluffy and brown (point to self) 
My wings flip flop when I turn around (flap arms)
I have a lot of feathers on my back (wiggle fingers at lower back)
And a big orange beak that goes "clack clack!" (clap hands together in front of mouth like beak)

Sing it loud!


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