Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Our Disney Vacation - Tips

We've been wanting to take a Disney vacation since Little C was born. The time had finally come! My husband's never been and I haven't been to Disney parks in a loong time - as teenagers we were more interested in thrill-ride-type parks like Universal Studios. As we discovered, there is so much to learn about visiting Disney! My parents have a rental near Orlando so unfortunately I don't have any information about Disney resorts to share with you. But what I can give you are some highlights and tips about Animal Kingdom and Magic Kingdom.

Tip 1: Children under 3 are free! With the price of tickets just under $100 a piece, that's a good thing to keep in mind!

Tip 2: Bring a camera ;-) And make sure your memory card is empty and your batteries are charged (and bring extra batteries or a charger!)

Tip 3: Bring water bottles and snacks to avoid spending a fortune on park food. 

Tip 4: Don't expect "off-season" crowds. I'm sure the parks are much busier during peak vacation times but Disney is THE destination for many vacationers, especially international travelers, so even in January it is busy. However, parks like Universal Studios and Legoland will be much less crowded.

Tip 5: If you want to get to the parks right at opening, plan for at least 10 minutes between parking and entering the park at Animal Kingdom and 20 minutes for Magic Kingdom (you have to take a monorail or ferry from the parking area/main gate to the actual park).

Tip 6: Whichever parks you visit, when you purchase your tickets you'll be able to schedule 3 fast passes per ticket per day. When you set up your fast passes, you'll be able to choose a time window for each ride/show/character meet - you then show up in that time window and get to wait on a much shorter line. Obviously, if everyone wants to go together, you have to schedule the same fast past on each ticket. But if you have siblings, maybe dad goes with one on this ride while mom takes the other somewhere else... you get the idea. After you've done your 3 fast passes, you can schedule more (one at a time) at kiosks around the park.

Most of all, don't forget to smile and have fun! :-) Stay tuned for more specific park information.


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