Sunday, February 5, 2017

One Step Toward Great

Make America great again. This phrase has been stuck in my head for months and though it seems to appeal to many I can't help thinking its implications are severely flawed.

First, it implies that there was some level of greatness our country had previously achieved and then lost to which we'd like to return. I'm unaware of such greatness. Our country grows and evolves every day, sometimes in positive ways and sometimes not. Change and evolution is not easy and we often make mistakes along the way. But our country is, and always will be, great for a multitude of reasons.

Second, that it is the platform on which a man ran for the presidency implies that were he in office, he could fix our problems and “make us great again.” No one man, or woman, could accomplish that. Especially not a hate-spreading, fear-building, narcissistic, entitled, prejudiced, dishonest one. It will take around 320 million people working together, spreading kindness, tolerance, generosity, gratitude and respect to make this country a greater place than it's ever been. It will take ceasing the blame game and accepting that we are in control of our own fates, responsible for ourselves. It will take seeing past labels of man or woman, black or white, Democrat or Republican, gay or straight, Giants or Cowboys fan and treating everyone as human beings, with the respect we all deserve. Our differences don't have to separate us; a rainbow is only beautiful when all the colors come together.
Let's take this moment and learn from it. Let it wake us up from our complacency and indifference, from our blindness and naivety, from our anger and hate. Let it urge us to take a stand, to make a difference, however big or small.

I'm calling every one of you to join me now, in taking one step. Let go of the anger and the hatred and take a positive step. Help a neighbor. Thank a firefighter or police officer. Leave a cheerful note to brighten someone's day. Visit a nursing home. Donate to the food bank. One simple step can be the start of something great. One simple step toward making America greater than it's ever been.

Whatever you do, big or small, share it with us! Nothing motivates others to take a step than seeing everyone around them taking steps! When you take a step, be sure to tag your post or photo #onesteptowardgreat

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